About Us

Our Goals:

To help student-athletes earn a college degree…

  • By providing excellent academic facilities
  • By providing professional counselors
  • By providing tutorial assistance when required
  • By encouraging an atmosphere that results in academic achievement

To help student-athletes achieve personal development…

  • By optimizing appropriate social experiences
  • By exposure to professional seminars on topics related to success
  • By encouraging participating in University-sponsored student activities
  • By providing experiences which promote growth as an individual
  • By promoting community service as a way of life

To help student-athletes prepare for meaningful lives and careers…

  • By hosting formal career preparation seminars
  • By informal discussion sessions with employers in the private and public sectors
  • By recommending personalized assistance from the University’s Career Center
  • By taking advantage of the University’s geographical location in the growing Sunbelt
  • By coordinating interviews with prospective employers