UGAAA Mission Statement

Greg McGarity

J. Reid Parker Director of Athletics, Greg McGarity

Our mission is to offer nationally competitive intercollegiate athletic programs which reflect the interests of our students and faculty, the Southeastern Conference, and the people of Georgia and of the nation who support our activities. These programs provide a worthwhile experience for our student-athletes by teaching them the basic principles of amateur competition, competitive integrity, fair play, and good sportsmanship.

The UGA Athletic Association is committed to the principle of providing equitable opportunities for all students and staff, including women and minorities. These programs and this principle are a source of enthusiasm and loyalty; they enliven and enrich the life of our academic community; they keep our graduates in touch with the University long after they leave campus; they serve as a common rallying point for people of all ages and backgrounds; and they reinforce the University’s commitment to diversity.

We seek to enhance the academic endeavors of the University, by helping through our success to attract both promising students and the assistance of private philanthropy, and by providing direct financial support.

Above all, we recognize that the University’s obligation to the state of Georgia, and to the parents everywhere who send us their sons and daughters, is to provide our students with a level of quality education which leads to recognized academic achievement, contributing to their social development and preparing them for meaningful lives and careers. We are committed to the proposition that academic achievement is not and should not be a gift. Rather, it is a challenge that must be met by the individual students, as well as the University.
Accordingly, all our efforts are guided by certain values we believe essential to the fulfillment of this task:

By their very nature, athletics inevitably involve character development; for this reason, especially, we must conduct ourselves with utmost integrity. All our programs, and the activities on our behalf by alumni and friends, must be consistent with the policies of the University and the athletic bodies which govern us. We are to be at all times honest and forthright in our dealings with each other, the public, and the media.

Our primary purpose is to promote the personal growth and physical well being of our student athletes, to guide them to become in life the best they can be. It is our abiding goal to foster the ideals, standards, and value systems which will enable them to grow spiritually, emotionally and intellectually, and to attain degrees in their chosen fields of endeavor.

If there is one concept that drives us, it is our dedication to winning in the broadest possible sense. We compete to win—as individuals, as team members, and as representatives of this great University. We clearly understand that the success of any one person is always the result of dedicated effort on the part of many people. So, while we are quick to recognize individual performance, we are even quicker to celebrate achievements of the team.

Dedication to excellence should distinguish our efforts in every sport in which we compete and should be reflected in the performance of all our teams and in the fiscal soundness of our programs. Individually and collectively, we strive always to give our all and thereby realize our best possibilities.

Our goal is to maintain a model athletic program which other colleges and universities may wish to emulate. Beyond this, we shall continue to pioneer and promote policies which will enhance the quality of intercollegiate athletics throughout America. Dedication to the personal development of our student athletes, unfailing integrity and excellence in our programs, teamwork, and determination to play a leadership role nationally…these are the values which underlie our endeavors and the standards by which we measure ourselves.

– J. Reid Parker Director of Athletics, Greg McGarity