campus 207901The University of Georgia and the NCAA has several rules and guidelines when it comes to recruiting and eligibility. To better assist with some questions and guidelines there are two great links below to help obtain valuable information during the recruiting process.

The first link is specific about the University of Georgia. This website was designed by Glada Horvat, Associate AD who has been doing this for over 20 years and has created Frequently Asked Questions which always arise during the process of becoming eligible at the University of Georgia. This site will also link you to many other resourceful sites such as Admissions, the NCAA Clearinghouse, and SAT and ACT sites.

The second link is to view the NCAA’s Guide to College Bound Student-Athlete. This is the most comprehensive brochure the NCAA produces to assist with academic standards and recruiting guidelines for high school students who wish to participate in collegiate athletics. You may also call and order a free copy at 1-800-638-3731.

International Students

Orientation for International Students is held in August, generally one week before classes begin. It is very helpful if students on a F-1 visa attend this session.   There are federal laws and procedures we must follow with international students or students can face immigration problems.

Learning Support

Students with less than 430 SAT Verbal or 17 ACT English score are considered Learning Support in English and Reading.  Students with less than a 400 SAT Math or 17 ACT Math score are considered Learning Support in Math. Learning Support students must take the COMPASS exam prior to admission.

Students with less than four years of high school math or English are also considered Learning Support and must take the COMPASS.

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